Shalya Tantra


Shalyatantra is one of the distinct branch of Ashtang Ayurveda which teaches about surgical knowledge and procedures that have been performed and used for thousands of years. Modern plastic surgery is one specialty that has its origin from shalyatantra which is also documented in modern journals. Surgical knowledge of diseases and treatments described in shalyatantra can be researched and used in diseases for minimum complications and side effects.  Shalyatantra is the subject taught in the final year B.A.M.S.


  • To give extensive knowledge of the subject and surgical principles described in Shalya tantra by various Acharyas to students.
  • To make the students able to diagnose common surgical diseases according to Ayurveda and Modern medicine
  • To train the students so that they will acquire basic skills to perform varies karmas like Agnikarma, Rakta Mokshan, Ksharsutra, Seevan karma ( wound suturing), etc.

Departmental Features

  • All the staff is experienced and specializes in the surgical field.
  • well-equipped departmental library which contains numerous Ayurvedic and allopathic surgical textbooks reference books and journals
  • Models for suturing techniques, ksharsutra application, ksharkarma for practical training
  • Conferences on live surgeries in collaboration with NIMA Nagpur, NIMACONF 2018



  • Well-equipped OPD & IPD with well-trained medical staff
  • Well-equipped Operation theater, Minor OT, Recovery room
  • Monthly medical checkups & specialty camps
  • Ksharsutra chamber in order to prepare hygienic & effective Ksharsutras