On the occasion of International Yoga day, Yoga week was celebrated at Bhausaheb Mulak Ayurved College & Research Hospital, Butibori from 15th to 21st June 2018. On the first day, i.e.15/06/18 Yoga awareness program for housewives was organized. Yoga teacher Dr. Padma Rathi and Vice-principal of college Dr. Gouri Joshi put in efforts to make the event a success. On 16/06/18 Yoga Awareness Program which includes Pranayama, Asan, Neti kriya, etc. was organized for industrial working staff at M.I.D.C; Butibori. On 18/06/2018 lecture on ‘Rajyog Dhyan’ and Meditation was organized for students & staff. The lecture was delivered by Shubhangi didi and Gauri Didi ( Brahmakumaris). On 19/06/2018, B.M.A.C & R.H, Butibori, conducted Rally for ‘Yoga Awareness’. The rally started from College to M.I.D.C. area of Butibori at 11.00 pm-12 noon. Principal Dr. Madhusudan Gupta along with all Teaching, Non- Teaching &  Hospital staff were present at the event. Yoga and Plantation Slogans were chanted by all the staff and students to make the event successful. On 20/06/2018, a Yoga session was conducted by Dr. Padma Rathi at B.M.A.C. & R.H. Butibori. Various Yoga Asanas, Suryanamaskar, and Pranayam were taught to all the Teaching & Hospital staff. On 21/6/18 International yoga day celebration was organized by Arogya Bharti and All Ayurved Colleges of Nagpur including B.M.A.C. & R. H. Butibori. All the faculty members of the institute participated in this celebration.

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